Belfast concert to honour Battle of Britain heroes

The concert will be held in Belfast's Waterfront Hall on December 1
The concert will be held in Belfast's Waterfront Hall on December 1

A concert honouring the Battle of Britain airmen of the Second World War is to be held in Northern Ireland for the first time.

The charity show aims to recognise the bravery of ‘The Few’ 75 years later, but also the role of others who contributed to victory over the Nazis.

The Bands of the RAF concert at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall on December 1 will perform rousing military marches, popular songs from the era, plus big band numbers and classical pieces as a musical tribute to all those who participated.

Organiser Tina Outlaw said: “Whilst the incredible achievements of The Few should never be forgotten, it’s important that we remember the many others who played both decisive and key supporting roles during the battle such as those in Fighter Command involved in directing the battle.

“Also those who were at the forefront of sustaining national resilience – civil defence, fire fighting, air raid wardens and rescue.

“We’re really looking forward to taking the tour to Belfast for the first time and are already planning some special musical moments specifically for our Waterfront audience.”

During the summer and autumn of 1940, 544 personnel from Fighter Command died as the RAF fought in the skies above southern England to force back the threat of any invasion by Hitler.

Fewer than 3,000 Allied fliers took part in the 1940 battle with the Luftwaffe, a pivotal moment of the war.

The concert, which will also feature historical and modern day footage of the RAF on a large screen, is staged in support of the RAF Charitable Trust and will be compered by BBC broadcaster Alan Dedicoat.