Belfast drivers spent more than 38 hours last year in gridlock

Traffic congestion
Traffic congestion

Drivers in Belfast wasted more than 38 hours last year in traffic.

Greater Belfast ranked the third worst metropolitan area for congestion in 2015, according to a study by traffic analyst INRIX for its 2015 Traffic Scorecard.

The report also found that the UK’s drivers spent an average of 30 hours in congestion.

However, things could be worse – London was ranked the world’s most congested city out of the 100 surveyed. Drivers spent an average of 101 hours in gridlock in the capital last year – making it the first city to surpass the 100-hour mark. It also remains Europe’s gridlock capital for the second year running.

Outside of London, three of the five most congested roads were in Manchester (the A580, M60 and A5103) while Newcastle came fourth with the A1/A1M.

The UK as a whole ranked seventh in the world, with the average commuter spending 30 hours in traffic. The United States, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany all ranked in the top five.