Bercow ‘could be ousted over Trump comments’

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Commons Speaker John Bercow could be ousted within days after his outspoken comments about Donald Trump, a Tory MP has claimed.

James Duddridge has tabled a parliamentary motion of no confidence in the Speaker and predicted he could be “dead in the water” if MPs publicly reveal the concerns about Mr Bercow they have so far kept private.

The Tory former minister said he had been “amazed” by the level of support he had received since speaking out about the Speaker’s conduct this week.

The early day motion (EDM) - a way for MPs to register concern about an issue - was tabled as Parliament rose for its February recess, which Mr Duddridge said would give his colleagues time to think about the issue.

He told the Press Association: “I have been amazed at the number of emails, texts saying ‘carry on as you are doing, James, we totally support you’. Some of those were quite keen to get actively involved, some were a little bit more happy that someone else was doing it rather than them.”

He added: “I have got absolute confidence that a majority of MPs will be in the ‘he’s not doing a good job and should go’ category.

“How many of those will go as far as voting in a vote of no confidence and how many will sign up to an EDM, I genuinely don’t know.”

Mr Duddridge said there were a number of possible ways for Parliamentary time can be given to the motion.