Bid to block massive Garth Brooks concerts

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks
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There is the threat of legal action to halt an upcoming string of performances by country music star Garth Brooks.

The American singer is scheduled to play in Dublin’s Croke Park on five dates this month – from Friday 25 to Tuesday 29 – but moves are afoot to challenge the sell-out performances because of the effects on surrounding neighbourhoods.

A press conference was called yesterday by those objecting to the events, laying out the moves they may take to block the performances.

It comes as Dublin City Council is expected to make a decision on the granting of licences for the gigs.

Those objecting said that if permission is indeed given, then they may seek an injunction or a judicial review of the decision – possibly scuppering the concerts with only weeks to go.

Yesterday’s meeting was led by the Croke Park Streets and Committees Association, and Croke Park Community and Handball Centre.

Eamon O’Brien, treasurer of the latter organisation, said when there is a “lockdown” in the Croke Park area – that is, restrictions on traffic around large events – “you cannot live a normal life”.

He said: “Say your sister-in-law, there’s some problem with the family, and they need you to come down and help – you can’t go out. You can’t drive out...

“Spontaneous living is eliminated during those weekends. Imagine you’ve 33 events between March and September – and this is the GAA’s own figures – why would anybody want to live there? That’s why professional people are leaving fine, big three-storey buildings and getting the hell out of the area.”

Dublin council was yesterday quoted as telling the BBC that an application for the concerts was lodged on April 17 and that a decision is due this week, adding that it would be given careful consideration following meeting with other statutory agencies.

A spokeswoman for Aiken Promotions said yesterday it would not be appropriate to comment on the matter.