Blitz memorial raised at council

Belfast City Hall
Belfast City Hall

A plan to build a memorial marking the victims of the Nazi bombardment of Belfast took its first step last night, as the idea was introduced at a meeting of the city council.

The proposed monument is the brainchild of UUP councillor Jeff Dudgeon, who hopes that it can be erected in the grounds of the City Hall itself.

There was no vote on the matter last night, but it was agreed that the idea should be passed to the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee, which is now expected to ask council officers to produce a report.

This will likely take around one month, Councillor Dudgeon said last night.

Asked what he feels the support will be like among his fellow councillors, he said: “I thought they listened very attentively.

“A couple came up to me after and said: ‘I didn’t know this’, ‘I didn’t know that’. Which is all the more reason for a significant monument to be put in place.”

He suggested that such a memorial could include the names of the fatalities – numbering around 1,000 – as well as a map showing the streets which had been “nearly obliterated” during the trio of air raids which struck the city in spring 1941.