Border unionist urges Liam Neeson not to help glamorise IRA

Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson

One unionist councillor from Newry Mourne and Down has urged superstar Liam Neeson not to allow a new film of his to glorify republican violence.

UKIP councillor Henry Reilly was reacting to reports that the Ballymena actor is to help produce a film based on the novel A Mad and Wonderful Thing.

The book was written by Mark Mulholland, who himself hails from the border area.

The film has not yet been shot, but councillor Reilly said: “If Mr Nesson is determined to produce a film on IRA activity along the border it should be balanced and show the results of IRA violence and how it devastated isolated and vulnerable Protestant communities in the border areas...

“Liam Neeson knows the truth about what happened here, and he should not use the power of the Hollywood movie to help physical force republicans to re-write history.”