Brexit: Concern over issue of pet passports

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The owner of a doggy day care centre on the Irish border has expressed dismay at the prospect of having to get pets vaccinated months before they travel between the UK and Europe post-Brexit.

Dog and cat owners have been advised to speak to a vet as soon as possible if they want to take their pet on holiday after March next year.

Government officials have issued the advice on the basis of a no-deal scenario and say that pet owners will have to start preparations by the end of November if they intend on travelling to the EU.

That means pet owners living in Northern Ireland could be forced to pay hundreds of pounds in veterinary fees and wait up to four months for paperwork before they cross the border with their animal.

Eimear Matthews, who owns Paws & Play dog day care centre in Newry, said she feared Brexit could have a major impact on her business.

“In Northern Ireland in general it’s going to have a massive impact, but I think particularly on people in border areas like myself,” she said.