Brighton bomb kills officer – 31 years later

The badly damaged Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1984.
The badly damaged Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1984.

A former bomb squad detective has been killed by the IRA’s Brighton bomb – 31 years ago after getting cancer from inhaling asbestos at the scene.

The Sun has reported that Met anti-terror officer Jonathan Woods became exposed to asbestos when sifting through tons of rubble following the 1984 Grand Hotel bomb which killed five people and injured 39.

Mr Woods, who was in his late 60s, retired in 2002 and moved to France with his wife Sharon.

He died in a French hospital at the weekend.

In August the former bomb squad officer had issued a writ against the Met and Sussex Police claiming he was not given adequate protection at the blast site.

Now, it has been reported, his family are planning to pursue the case.

This is understood to be the first civil suit of its kind from a police officer working at the scene of a terrorist blast.