Britain ‘has done deal’ with IRA, says expert Moloney

Ed Moloney said the old IRA structures remained in place
Ed Moloney said the old IRA structures remained in place
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An expert in the IRA has suggested that the Government has “done a deal” with the Provisional IRA to allow it to continue in crime and support Sinn Fein in return for the absence of attacks on the security forces.

Former Irish Times journalist Ed Moloney, who now lives in New York, said that Tuesday’s report on paramilitaries showed that there remains in place “basically the old Provisional IRA structure, albeit somewhat reduced: a chief of staff, an army council, brigades and departments”.

Writing on his website, the author of A Secret History of the IRA said: “When one reads this document, it is difficult not to come to this conclusion: The British state has done a deal with the Provisional leadership in which an armed and organised IRA rump continues to exist to protect its leadership cadre, eradicate opponents and further the political ambitions, North and South, of the IRA’s political wing, and as long as no hostility or violence is shown to the British state then a blind eye will be turned even to murder.

“That is a state of affairs the DUP seems happy to accept. But what about the South? It could be Dublin’s turn soon to entertain such people in government.”

Mr Moloney’s full article can be read on his website, the