£5bn infrastructure boost

Government will increase infrastructure spending by up to £5 billion over the course of the Parliament, with cash from the sale of land, buildings and other assets recycled to fund new projects, Chancellor George Osborne has pledged.

Appointing former Labour Cabinet minister Lord Adonis to head a National Infrastructure Commission to take the politics out of major infrastructure decisions he said he wished to create a “national consensus” to shake the UK out of an “inertia” which had seen it fail to produce the roads, railways, airports, power stations and homes it needs.

“This is all about Britain taking the bold decisions to make sure we’ve got the railways and the roads and the runways that are going to power our economy going forward,” he said.

“We have made a start now and there is a lot of road building and railway building going ahead, but I want to continue that ... and you can’t get agreement on these things if you just try to do it as a Conservative Party or a Labour Party.”

See Morning View, page 14