Aer Lingus sees takeover benefits

Sale 'good for airline and country'
Sale 'good for airline and country'

The proposed £1 billion takeover of Aer Lingus by the International Airlines Group (IAG) would deliver significant benefits for the airline, its employees, customers and Ireland, the Irish carrier’s top brass have said.

Describing the offer as a “compelling and significantly positive opportunity”, the airline chiefs claimed a successful deal would enhance the Republic as a natural hub for European air services on the North Atlantic.

The airline said if the proposal is accepted by the Irish Government it would accelerate growth of transatlantic, long-haul services, boost employment, enhance short haul business and strengthen Ireland’s connectivity.

In its clearest statement to date to promote the bid, Aer Lingus chairman Colm Barrington said a takeover would drive its business.

Stating that there was a “compelling logic” for the move he said the deal had “significantly positive benefits for Ireland and is strongly supportive of the Irish Government’s two airline policy”.

“Following a combination with IAG, Aer Lingus will have a markedly greater number of more attractive growth options that will significantly benefit the company, its employees, its customers, the tourism sector, Irish business and industry and the airports at which Aer Lingus operates and Ireland.”