Aim higher and push to achieve ambition

Diane Morrow Catalyst Inc, Rebekah Magrath and Karl Deprayso both pupils from Grosvenor Grammar School with Euan Isles from Deloitte
Diane Morrow Catalyst Inc, Rebekah Magrath and Karl Deprayso both pupils from Grosvenor Grammar School with Euan Isles from Deloitte

An event aimed at inspiring innovative and entrepreneurial young to explore and push themselves regardless of their academic subject areas is set to take place in Belfast next month.

Now in its seventh year, the Generation Innovation Night of Ambition will be run on March 8 by the Connect prgramme at Catalsyt Inc.

Working with partners Deloitte, the night will feature a mix of inspiring talks from a range of exceptional individuals who have developed world leading products in areas such as MedTech, BioTEch, FinTech, cyber security, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The event uniquely provides the opportunity for young people to experience firsthand the world changing innovations that are happening here in Northern Ireland, collaborate with local innovative entrepreneurs and engage with future employers.

In previous years students have heard from people such as co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey and music producer and technology enthusiast

This year’s line up will be released closer to the event which is open to young people aged 16 -18 who want to explore how they can change the world and unlock their potential.

For the first time, Night of Ambition 2017 is also providing a unique opportunity for teachers and parents to gain a better understanding of the changing employment landscape by coming along an getting involved.

“Over the next five years, Deloitte’s aim is to help one million people get to where they want to be; whether it’s in the classroom, the workplace or the boardroom,” said Euan Isles of Deloitte.

“Exploring the ideas, industries and jobs that will shape the future of our knowledge economy, the evening will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the young local talent who will become the business leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents of tomorrow.

Diane Morrow, Generation Innovation programme manager at Connect, said: “This event energises the imaginations and aspirations of local young people by increasing their awareness of future careers as innovators.

“They are central to unlocking our future as a globally renowned knowledge economy. That’s why we put them at the heart of an inspirational network of experienced entrepreneurs, universities and employers.”

“In the previous six years we have developed partnerships with schools across Northern Ireland, over 125 schools have taken part and over 3,000 young people have experienced some of what Northern Ireland’s innovative sectors have to offer.”