Aldi basket wins price race

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A check of a 15-item grocery basket across the UK has revealed a £6.83 difference between the priciest and cheapest supermarket.

Aldi produced the cheapest at £14.75, £1.87 less than its closest rival Asda, according to the comparison made using the website.

And this was despite every other grocer having either one or two items “unavailable”.

Tesco’s basket was £17.87 followed by Waitrose (£18.82), Morrisons (£20.10), Sainsbury’s (£20.21) and Ocado (£21.58).

Although present in the Irish Republic, Aldi has no stores in the province, but has examined the possiblity.

The Press Association compared 15 standard items such as milk, eggs, sliced bread, bananas and fish fingers using Aldi as the baseline store.

The figures follow Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s announcing pricing initiatives, while Morrisons has claimed an industry first by promising to match the discounters on price.

But Aldi has never made any such pledge, instead focusing on expanding its product lines and catering for increasingly middle-class tastes.