Ambition is good but action is what’s needed

The new Executive must work together and with others for results
The new Executive must work together and with others for results

The new Executive must work collectively with a single vision and focus on a small number of strategic outcomes if it is to make significant advances in improving the standard of living for the people of the province CBI chairman David Gavaghan has claimed.

Speaking after the release of the draft Programme for Government (PFG), he said such collaborative working would be “critical” to delivering the desired outcomes referred to in the document.

“This has to be more than just another consultation exercise,” he said.

“Central to this PFG is the need to boost our productivity as a region and be more ambitious for growing the NI Economy. Rather than accepting a growth rate of one or two percent, could we achieve 5-10% growth over the next five years?”

Institute of Directors chairman Ian Sheppard said the organisation would examine the consultation document to identify where it and the members could contribute.

“The Institute looks forward to working with the Executive and supporting the newly elected ministers over the coming months and years.”

Stephen McCully, president of NI Chamber, said: “We welcome the fact that consensus has been reached on a draft framework for the Programme for Government. It is a major step in creating the basis for political and economic progress in Northern Ireland.”

NIIRTA CEO Glyn Roberts said: “We fully support the very broad draft outline of the 14 strategic policy outcomes in this Programme for Government and look forward to contributing in much greater detail”

FSB Policy Chair for Northern Ireland, Wilfred Mitchell said: “FSB welcomes the opportunity to respond to the consultation on the draft Programme for Government and reiterate the need to support small businesses, which employ more than the entire public sector and all large businesses combined, and which play a dominant role in building a prosperous Northern Ireland.