Argos ‘really sorry’ for Black Friday home delivery delays

Retailer under fire for poor service over the bargain shopping event
Retailer under fire for poor service over the bargain shopping event

Argos has apologised to customers following complaints about how its new delivery service coped with Black Friday demand.

The shopping event came just under three months after the retail giant introduced its new Fast Track delivery service, allowing customers to order an item by 6pm and have it delivered by 10pm for a flat fee of £3.95.

The catalogue chain is not using courier companies and has instead directly employed 3,300 drivers, with a focus on customer service at the front door and the aim of using local people familiar with their own area to carry out the deliveries.

Argos was just one of a number of big-name UK retailers who struggled to cope with the volume of website traffic on Black Friday.

But customers have reacted with fury online after items ordered over the sales period failed to turn up.

Others have complained of lengthy waits on the retailer’s customer service phone lines.

One Facebook user, Georgina Collins, wrote on the company’s Facebook page that she was considering legal action.

She wrote: “So disappointed. Promised a delivery tonight after only 2/6 of my items arrived late with no confirmation.

“It’s my daughters birthday tomorrow and it’s now to late to do anything about it ... awful customer service ... hours and hours on hold.

“Will never use Argos again and am downhearted to have to get up in the morning and spend more hours on hold.”