Belfast-based startup creates new jobs with £400k investment

SureCert founder Ian Savage, right,  with Brian Cummings from Clarendon/Co-FundNI
SureCert founder Ian Savage, right, with Brian Cummings from Clarendon/Co-FundNI

Belfast-based startup SureCert is to create six new jobs after securing funding of £400k to develop and launch an online platform aimed at the specialised recruitment sector.

The development aims to revolutionise and accelerate the recruitment process in industries where a high level of verification is required. Initially, the platform will focus on nursing.

With plans to create six positions in the next 12 months, SureCert is a recruitment platform that sources, stores, shares and analyses high quality verified candidate data, which enables recruiters to source, process and verify candidates quicker, in the knowledge that all information on the candidate has been pre-verified.

The user-friendly platform is aimed at industries such as healthcare, aviation and education where the recruitment process requires high levels of verification.

The funding behind the company, which is based in Catalyst Inc. and will first launch the platform amongst nurses and nurse recruiters, has been raised by sources including Clarendon/Co-Fund NI, TechStart NI, and various private investors.

“Supply and demand issues across the nursing profession have been widely documented and with workforce concern now the biggest risk facing the National Health Service, this is the sector chosen as a launchpad for the product,” said SureCert founder Ian Savage.

“Nurses and any other healthcare professional can register, verify their qualifications and references easily and then choose whether to be contactable by the recruiters using the platform.

“It will significantly reduce the time taken for nurses to connect with recruiters whilst automating the administration involved in verifying backgrounds. Currently, the verification of academic qualifications is an unwieldy and inefficient process for qualification holders, employers and awarding bodies alike.

The firm is now seeking to partner with data providers, such as universities, colleges and other awarding bodies, to provide the data in relation to candidates, who will then opt-in to use the platform and instantly verify their details such as qualifications and references from tutors or employers.

Brian Cummings from Clarendon/Co-FundNI said:

“We believe the SureCert platform has the potential to drive huge change in the recruitment process, for both candidates and recruiters alike. We are delighted to co-invest alongside the private investors and support such an innovative solution to a problem that is plaguing the medical professions.”

Hal Wilson of Techstart said: “SureCert has identified a unique approach to candidate verification. This approach holds the potential for the creation of an exciting scalable business.”