Belfast design studio to supply Tesco with 900 demo units

One of the demonstration units designed in Belfast for Tesco
One of the demonstration units designed in Belfast for Tesco

Belfast-based creative design studio Mette, alongside its specialist sub-brand Pop Up Cookspace, has worked with brand activation agency N2O to produce 900 hot and ambient demonstration stands to be used in Tesco stores.

This collaboration provides Tesco with a new range of demonstration units for the majority of its Extra and Superstore format stores. The units are readily available for Tesco and its suppliers to demonstrate, promote and sample in store with custom branding.

N2O selected Mette following a comprehensive search for a partner that would meet its specific design and production requirements, combining both practical and visual appeal, and taking a more creative, design-led approach, that would be reflective of its clients’ brands.

N2O worked with Mette to produce a product that met both N2O’s and Tesco’s demanding specifications, including the ability to easily and quickly rebrand the stands without compromising aesthetics.

Maximising parent company Mette’s branding and product design background, Pop Up Cookspace specialises in capturing a food brand’s story and communicating it to the consumer in a single glance. Building on the sensory impact of cookery flavours and aromas, its practical designs enhance brand experience and encourage consumer engagement with visual impact and storyful details.

“Where food is concerned, the best expression of your brand is a live event where consumers can sample the product and be inspired,” said Mette creative director Caroline Santos.

“So much thought and care goes into brand, innovation, ingredients, culinary styles and campaigns that it is vital to extend that same consideration into the physical environment - especially if it’s a temporary one that has just a short time to make a big impact.”