Bombardier: Villiers appeals to London for help

Theresa Villiers
Theresa Villiers

The Northern Ireland secretary has said that the Westminster government’s business minister is being contacted to see what kind of help may be available for the Province over the latest mass job losses.

Meanwhile Northern Ireland’s First and Deputy First Ministers have also called for mitigation measures to help workers cope.

Bombardier has declared that over 1,000 staff are likely to be cut from its Northern Ireland operations.

A statement by Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, the Theresa Villiers MP, said: “This is bitterly disappointing news for the employees of Bombardier Belfast and their families.

“Bombardier is a major employer and these job losses will be keenly felt.

“I am in urgent contact with the UK business minister and NI’s Enterprise Minister Jonathan Bell over what immediate support might be available.”

First Minister Arlene Foster and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said jointly: “The news that staff at Bombardier have received today is a devastating development for many of the workers, their families and the wider manufacturing industry in Northern Ireland.

“While the company has made it clear their decision is as a result of inescapable global economic factors, the impact is very real for those affected, and for the wider economy.

“Bombardier has made it clear their decision aims to protect the long-term future of the business. The Executive will make every effort to mitigate the impact of the job losses and we will work closely with Invest NI and with the Enterprise and Employment and Learning Ministers to ensure all possible avenues are explored.”

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