‘Brit Award’ chocolates for singer Adele made by Coleraine business


A Coleraine businesswoman says she was honoured to make unique ‘Brit Award’ chocolates for superstar singer Adele.

And it was really a case of Someone Like You for Geri Martin, the award-winning owner of confectionery company Chocolate Manor!

Providing chocolates for songstress Adele - who won Brit four awards, including Best British Album, was Geri’s most exciting and high profile commission to date.

After winning 4 Brit Awards international superstar Adele kicked off her latest tour in Belfast last week, and Geri was called upon to create chocolate versions of her most recent accolades.

“I couldn’t quite believe it when I took the call,” said Geri, “I’ve been asked to make many unique pieces in the past, a chocolate Eiffel Tower, printed pieces for members of the Royal Family, a map of New Zealand and even chocolate icebergs and piñatas for banquets, but to recreate the Brit Awards in chocolate was the most challenging yet.

“I was honoured to be asked, and took some time to think about how to construct such a recognisable figure from chocolate.

“In the end, I handcrafted one large figure from our finest Belgian milk chocolate and four smaller white Belgian chocolate awards, all adorned with edible glitter decoration.”

In the space of a fortnight, The Chocolate Manor has made one off creations for Adele, 600 bars for Pitch@Palace with The Duke of York KG, and hundreds of bars for local businesses and events.

Growing numbers of companies are turning to the North Coast based business to impress their clients which include leading business leaders, politicians and the rich and famous!

Those who have received chocolates handmade on the North Coast include Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, Game of Thrones’ actor Aidan Gillen, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Radio 1’s Phil Taggart, and the BBC’s Cecilia Daly and Barra Best.

In addition Heston Blumenthal, Peter Jones from BBC’s Dragon’s Den and Lord Bilimoria were among 550 guests of HRH The Duke of York, at the Pitch@Palace event in St James’ Palace last November, who all received a unique box of chocolates, and this week a further 600 guests of Prince Andrew will be presented with handcrafted bars by the Chocolate Manor at the Palace for the fifth of His Royal Highness’ entrepreneurship programme.

The local handmade chocolate producer has also seen an increase in bespoke orders for their unique luxury printed chocolates and creations.

“The demand for our products has really grown in recent months, and we’re so grateful to those who choose The Chocolate Manor when they need to delight and impress – it makes all the hard work worth it when you know one of your idols has received something you’ve made!” added Geri. “The new Causeway Coast & Glens Food Network has been a huge support to us in fulfilling our latest order for the Palace.”