Businesses have backed vile LGBT agenda and shown indifference to Christian principles

Letter to the editor

The outrageous political shenanigans by Leigh Meyer of Citi et al (‘As employers we encourage diversity and want to express support for gay marriage,’ Sep 11) is breathtaking.

1. That they intend to use their position to impose the LGBT agenda irrespective of the overwhelming opposition indicates that they are indifferent to Christian principles.

Not a single Protestant denomination has given support to this vile agenda. These businesses are effectively giving two fingers to the largest section of society.

2. That they consider this as a major issue indicates that they are actually nihilistic in philosophy being wholly disinterested in every argument against. Their position is money before morality. The prophet Amos had much to say on this point.

3. By involving themselves in this issue they are politicising wholly on one side namely the Republican agenda which is destroy every vestige of Protestant morality hat remains. Leigh Meyer et al have become allies to republican immorality and should be so treated henceforth.

4. By using the flag of convenience (equality) they have made the usual schoolboy error that perversity has the same standing as decency. A classic republican ideology.

The message to the DUP on this is simple - the path to electoral suicide is to surrender to the republican agenda. The anger at the ballot box would be unprecedented. To any waverers within the DUP this message must be driven home.

Rev E T Kirkland, Free Church Continuing,Ballyclare

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