Clock ticking before Glider fines kick in

Commuters stand to face fines of £50 if they fail to pay before travelling on Belfast’s new Glider buses.

The fines will take effect on Monday.

The new Glider bus service

The new Glider bus service

The new Glider buses have been in service since September 3, linking west and east Belfast to the city centre.

A feature of the Gliders is that every bus stop has a ticketing machine at it, and a “validation” machine which people can tap a Translink Smartcard on (like an Oyster card used in London).

You cannot pay onboard the Glider buses.

In a statement, David Curry, Translink General Manager Bus, said: “We have been pleased to see how quickly passengers have got used to the new off-board ticketing system and we now plan to implement the penalty fare scheme from Monday... While we have had an ‘honesty’ period in place during the introductory weeks while the new system bedded in, Customer Revenue Protection Officers will now be patrolling the Glider network to ensure everyone travelling has a valid ticket to travel.”

People can pay using a Translink smartcard, which they can tap at simply tap at the validator; they can buy a paper ticket at the ticket machines with cash or a bank card; they can use the mLink mobile phone app to buy an electronic ticket which you scan at the validator.