‘Don’t let us down’ call from business groups as Stormont talks begin

Fresh hope
Fresh hope

Business groups representing three of Northern Ireland’s largest sectors of industry, retail, hospitality and manufacturing have urged the political parties and two Governments to go the extra mile to restore power sharing as political talks to restore the Assembly and Executive reconvene.

A year after the collpase of the last Assembly, the CEOs of Retail NI, Hospitality Ulster and Manufacturing NI, Glyn Roberts, Colin Neill and Stephen Kelly said: “We wish the political parties and two governments every success as the political talks are reconvened today”

“Having no Government for over a year, with a care and maintenance administration and emergency budgets has not helped the economy”

“As we fast approach Brexit, we require an effective local government and political stability to retain existing businesses and attract potential investors.

“Quite simply, political instability is bad for business”

“We need our government back to meet head on the challenges of Brexit and to create an environment in which work can be created including reforming business rates, investing in infrastructure and creating world-class skills and training”