DUP MP attacks ‘safety Taliban’

Sammy Wilson
Sammy Wilson

Sammy Wilson, DUP MP for East Antrim, said that the 20mph zones in Belfast city centre “will swell the coffers of DRD through fines on motorists and do nothing for road safety”.

Although the Belfast lanes have just come into force, there have been similar zones in place in parts of Ballynahinch, Ballymena, Ballycastle and Newtownabbey since before the New Year.

Mr Wilson said: “I doubt that DRD could justify these new speed limits on the basis of the number of people killed or injured through excessive speed in the city centre.

“This is yet another example of war against motorists, and will put even more shoppers off going into the city centre.

“The road safety anti-motor car Taliban don’t know when to stop and unfortunately there is not the political will to stand up against their increasingly draconian policies.”

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