Executive committee “aghast” at Translink fare hike

Fare increase blasted
Fare increase blasted

An Executive committee at Stormont has denounced transport provider Translink and its department for its no warning introduction of a five per cent fare increase.

Chairman of the committee for Regional Development, Trevor Clarke said his colleagues would be “aghast at this announcement and at the underhand way that Translink has brought these in”.

“There has been no consultation with the Committee, no consultation with stakeholders and, most importantly, no consultation with passengers,” he added.

Accusing both Translink and the Department of Regional Development, headed up by Minister Danny Kennedy, of ignoring the draft budget discussions, Mr Clarke condemned the rise and the timing.

“We are in the lead up to Christmas, a critical time for retailers and shoppers alike, which they have ignored.

“At a time when we are asking so many of our citizens to tighten their belts, Translink increases fares to fatten their already substantial reserves.

“I will, therefore, be seeking an urgent meeting with the Minister for Regional Development and the Chief Executive of Translink on this matter to ensure that this blatant attack on passengers reliant on public transport ceases immediately”.