Graduates offered chance of a career in robotics

Jackie Henry, Deloitte with Trevor Connolly, Department for the Economy
Jackie Henry, Deloitte with Trevor Connolly, Department for the Economy

A programme aimed at helping graduates gain the skills, knowledge required to pursue a career in the cutting-edge areas of robotic process automation and data visualisation has been launched by business advisors Deloitte.

With backing from the Department for the Economy, the new Robotics Automation Academy will offer more than 20 graduates the opportunity to join their Belfast office.

Deloitte is enhancing its capabilities in Belfast to support their clients, with robotics and cognitive technologies being increasingly used to improve and automate business processes, while visualisation is helping organisations to derive meaning and inform decision making from large bodies of data.

“Through the Assured Skills programme graduates have been able to gain employment in a variety of high quality jobs in Northern Ireland, which has had a significant positive impact upon the local economy,” said Trevor Connolly, director of business engagement at the department.

“Over 85% of graduates who have previously participated in our academies have secured high quality jobs, many in cutting edge technologies, demonstrating how our Assured Skills programme is not only delivering for growing businesses but also for our young people.”

The 12 week intensive training programme will be delivered by Belfast Met and successful participants will gain an industry recognised qualification and a potential offer of employment from Deloitte.

“Automation in the workplace is the first step towards what we see as the future of work and has the potential to transform how our clients deliver their products and services to customers,” said Jackie Henry, senior partner at Deloitte in Belfast.

“In the future we are going to see humans increasingly working alongside their digital workforce counterparts.

“Robotics and process automation, alongside data visualisation are key priorities for Deloitte so I’m delighted to launch our new academy in conjunction with the Department which will enhance our capability and create key skills here in Belfast.”