Jobs as Tyrone trailer firm signs Norwegian deal

Damien Nugent, centre, with Tysse's Kare Stokken, left, and Jaco Haverkamp
Damien Nugent, centre, with Tysse's Kare Stokken, left, and Jaco Haverkamp

Tyrone manufacturing company Nugent Engineering has announced a major partnership to export trailers to Norway in a deal worth more than £3.6m over the next three years.

The Dungannon firm will supply its range of commercial trailers to Tysse, Norway’s largest trailer manufacturer, enhancing the Norwegians’ current range by offering a fully welded chassis and Nugent patented parabolic suspension system.

“This is a very encouraging development for a local company securing its place in the international marketplace,” said MD Shane Nugent.

“The interest in Nugent is increasing because Europe is fast becoming a market for high quality, robust trailers. Demand is showing a new generation of consumers, particularly in the Norwegian market, which has the highest number of trailers per capita due to its geography and rugged terrain.

“All of our trailers are manufactured at our Tyrone facility where we currently employ 78 staff. We are confident that this deal will dramatically increase our demand in Europe and, in turn, will lead to further job creation here.

“I am certain that continuing our focus on product development and quality manufacturing will lead to further success for Nugent in export markets, which is key to the growth of the company.”

Kåre Stokken, sales manager for Tysse added: “We have an agreement to bring more models from Nugent to accommodate the growing demand for professional followers.

“Nugent has produced trailers for the professional market for over 30 years and satisfies Tysse’s strict quality requirements.”