Jobs to come as axial3D secure £1/2m funding

Axial3d board members Sandy McKinnon, Patrick Hurst and Wesley Hanson
Axial3d board members Sandy McKinnon, Patrick Hurst and Wesley Hanson

A Belfast firm pioneering web-based technology for 3D printing in healthcare has secured £530,000 which it aims to invest in further growth and global sales.

Axial3D plans to heavily invest in further development of axial3D insight, an innovative workflow solution that facilitates efficient access to 3D printed patient-specific anatomical models for surgical planning.

Axial3D has experienced a global increase in demand for its patient-specific 3D printed models which are typically used to better understand the pathology, help preoperative planning and improve surgical outcomes.

Consultants also rely on its bespoke models to develop new surgical techniques, trialling novel procedures in a consequence-free environment.

Techstart NI, the largest single investor, has pledged a further £100,000 in this second seed funding round bringing its total investment to £250,000.

“axial3D’s personalised 3D printed anatomical models are already making profound impacts in both the quality and cost of surgical interventions,” said Techstart investment director Dr Sandy McKinnon.

“These physical bespoke models allow surgeons to see and interact with their patient’s anatomy, removing the guesswork involved with MRI or CT scans. The unparalleled insight the models give really does help the surgeon get it right first time and saves the healthcare provider both time and money.”

Axial3D has also brought in Patrick Hurst to invest and join the Board as chairman.

Formerly CEO of Whale,he was pivotal in transforming the engineering sector through the use of 3D printing.

“I firmly believe that axial3D is set to disrupt the 3D printing landscape, creating opportunities to revolutionise patient care. I’m looking forward to working with the team and seeing this service rolled out globally.”