Lava Group aims for patient safety

Gareth Morrison, CEO of The Lava Group
Gareth Morrison, CEO of The Lava Group

A partnership between Belfast-based biometric technology company The Lava Group and RightPatient in Georgia, USA, is set to bring a new product to Northern Ireland which will increase patient safety and reduce cases of misidentification in hospitals.

The Lava Group will be a distributor in Ireland of RightPatient, a versatile and scalable platform that can accurately recognise patients from any encounter end point by simply taking their picture.

Patients registering at hospitals will take their picture with the RightPatient biometric camera and the system will link the photo and unique iris pattern to their medical record.

When patients take their picture upon subsequent visits, the system quickly and accurately identifies them, retrieves the correct record and displays the patient photo for two-factor authentication.

As one of its benefits this system will enable the accurate identification of unconscious and disorientated patients.

The completely contactless and hygienic process can integrate with all major Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, saving patients and professionals’ time during the sign in process and ensuring that all relevant medical history information is made available to the doctors who need it.

“Our partnership with RightPatient in Georgia is a major step forward in our plan to introduce biometrics into the health service in Northern Ireland,” said Lava CEO Gareth Morrison.

“We know that this product could have a positive impact on patient care, most notably by enhancing safety on several levels.”