Life’s a beach as Harry’s Shack turns up the gas

Kevin Flanagan, left, of firmus with Harry's Shack owner Donal Doherty.
Kevin Flanagan, left, of firmus with Harry's Shack owner Donal Doherty.

Located in the unique setting of Portstewart Strand, the restaurant Harry’s Shack, has already earned plaudits for its cooking.

The restaurant was named ‘Ireland’s Top Eaterie for 2014’ by an influential food guide after only a few months in operation and last week received a raving review from The Observer.

Now Owner and manager, Donal Doherty has converted the premises to natural gas from firmus energy despite the fact that the place is not quite on terra firma.

“We have created a welcoming dining destination in a truly spectacular location where customers can come in from the beach and watch the waves crash to the shore as they enjoy first-class, fresh, local food,” said Donal.

“This atmospheric building was the National Trust information point for visitors to the beach and was always known locally as ‘the shack’.

“We totally gutted out and renovated the Shack and our architect suggested that we could perhaps secure a connection to the natural gas supply, so we approached firmus energy. They worked to sort out the connection logistics, which were a bit different to the norm since we are right on the beach! They found a solution that meant the pipes were laid when we were a bit quieter after the summer rush and once this infrastructure was in place, the switchover itself was done within 24 hours.