Major boost as Anaeko wins US cloud innovation contract

Anaeko chief executive and chairman Denis Murphy with Invest NI director of trade, Alison Gowdy
Anaeko chief executive and chairman Denis Murphy with Invest NI director of trade, Alison Gowdy

Software firm Anaeko has won a multi-million pound contract to develop and integrate leading edge cloud services for a major cloud provider in the United States.

For the past decade Anaeko has provided innovative solutions to global technology companies in the fields of mobile computing, social media, cloud computing, big data analytics and the Internet of Things.

Invest Northern Ireland provided in-market support to help with introductions and client meetings which led to securing the contract. This follows support to Anaeko in 2016 to help it create 15 new jobs.

Congratulating the company, Invest NI’s Director of Trade, Alison Gowdy said: “Anaeko has secured a major contract to supply its cloud development and test services to one of the world’s largest cloud providers.

“This significant boost for the company is a direct result of introductions made by our in-market team in the US, and further meetings which took place during our NI Tech Mission to the West Coast, USA in 2016.

“Anaeko is an ambitious company which has invested considerable time and effort into nurturing relationships in the US to further its growth.

“Our partnership approach with the company is clearly reaping significant dividends and I look forward to watching Anaeko’s future growth as it capitalises on further opportunities in this exciting market.”

Anaeko specialises in the development, integration and testing of high performance and ultra-secure hybrid cloud services for cloud providers, software vendors and its largest enterprise clients.

Chairman and CEO of Anaeko, Denis Murphy said: “We are delighted to have won this contract in the US on the basis of our innovation, quality and highly skilled workforce.

“When we made the jobs announcement late last year, our strategy was to focus on the fastest growing cloud technologies.

“This strategy has enabled us to fight off stiff competition and secure this three year contract which is helping us to grow a truly world class team in the hybrid cloud integration space.

“Invest NI assisted us with valuable in-market expertise through its US-based offices and has facilitated introductions and meetings to help us secure, what is now, our biggest contract to date.

“We are looking forward to developing our reputation in the global hybrid cloud integration market and accelerating our growth in the coming years.”