Majority would wear company technology

Working smarter
Working smarter

Almost two thirds of Northern Ireland workers would use a company smartwatch according to the research by business advisors PWC.

A survey of more than 2,000 employees across the UK found that, while up to 56 per cent nationally would consider wearing a smartwatch from their employer if their data helped improve things such as working hours, stress levels and where they can work from, 63 per cent in the province where behind the idea.

Northern Ireland in fact was the most enthusiastic region after London.

Scottish workers were least willing -only 48% said they would accept an employer’s wearable technology, even if the data improved their working environment.

In exchange for sharing their personal data, workers would hope for benefits such as flexible working hours, free health screening and health and fitness incentives.

David Quinn, consulting leader at PwC in Belfast said many workers had an understandable reluctance to share personal data with their employers, but added many could be persuaded if they could see clear personal or workplace benefits:

“The key to success for organisations and employees will be ensuring they have the trust of their people by setting clear rules about how the data is acquired, used and shared..