Microsoft tells its staff that the UK is better off in Europe

Microsoft's UK managing director Michel Van der Bel
Microsoft's UK managing director Michel Van der Bel

Microsoft is the latest business to come out in support of the UK staying in the EU.

The tech giant told staff that the UK’s membership in the union make it one of “the most attractive places in Europe” to make investments.

In a letter to employees on Tuesday, UK chief executive Michel Van der Bel said: “We appreciate and respect that there are a range of reasons that motivate people on both sides of the debate, but as a business that is very committed to this country, our view is that the UK should remain in the EU.”

He added: “Historically, the UK being part of the EU has been one of several important criteria that make it one of the most attractive places in Europe for the range of investments we have made. At key moments in our international growth we have specifically chosen to invest in our capabilities here in the UK.”

Microsoft opened its first international office in the UK in 1982.