More Firstsource staff now thought suspended

The Firstsource premises at Northland Road, Londonderry
The Firstsource premises at Northland Road, Londonderry

Up to a tenth of the entire workforce at a Londonderry call centre are now understood to be suspended as the crisis at Firstsource deepens.

The number of staff now involved is thought to have reached 130 as executives from outside the province arrived in a bid to resolve the dispute over alleged breaches of policy and procedure.

The controversy has continued to gather momentum as workers who claim they were suspended without warning or explanation have spoken out and approached local representatives for help.

The company, whose major client is SKY, employs in the region of 1,040 staff in premises on Northland Road.

Firstsource management are remaining tightlipped about the situation and will only say that an investigation is ongoing.

Speaking on behalf of the Derry Trades Council, trade unionist Liam Gallagher said the scale of the suspensions was “unprecedented” as numbers rose from 50 to 138.

“This has gone too far,” he said.