New recycling model could bring economic benefits

Anna Lo MLA with Bryson Recycling director Eric Randall
Anna Lo MLA with Bryson Recycling director Eric Randall

A leading recycling company has claimed households across Northern Ireland could add tens of millions of value to the economy if local councils were to adopt an innovative recycling model.

The new model would result in high quality materials being collected that could be recycled locally.

Bryson Recycling is owned by the Bryson Charitable Group, Northern Ireland’s leading social enterprise.

It employs more than 220 people and have over 22 years’ of experience in delivering recycling services, and currently provide a weekly recycling collection to over 170,000 homes across the Northern Ireland.

Its unique product, the Wheelie Box,designed in partnership with Straight PLC is the key to unlock future economic growth and employment.

More than 11,000 households across Antrim and Newtownabbey, Lisburn and Castlereagh and Belfast City Council areas are currently trialling the Wheelie Box system.

Eric Randall, Director of Bryson Recycling said; “The Wheelie Box design is user friendly and provides room to recycle a very wide range of items, and because their quality is maintained the majority can be recycled locally. The public has welcomed this new service, with the amount collected for recycling increasing by 30 per cent and satisfaction levels of over 98 per cent.

“In theory there could be savings of up to £4m a year if all households in Northern Ireland switched to the Wheelie Box approach.

“This method ensures that councils can meet their 50% EU recycling targets. Recycling quality will also improve, meaning that local reprocessors will have access to the high quality materials they need for manufacturing products such as egg boxes, plastic pipes and glass packaging, whilst boosting the economy and creating long-term employment opportunities.