Now’s the time to invest says Nesbitt

James Nesbitt
James Nesbitt

Belfast should be top of the list of any visionary civic, economic and business leader looking for great places to invest James Nesbitt has told an international event in Cannes.

The actor renowned for promoting the province, was speaking via video message to an audience of global investors attending the MIPIM investment event running throughout the week.

Almost 30 companies are part of the Belfast City Council led delegation at the event, which is attended by more than 20,000 delegates from almost 200 cities.

“I am a great believer in the role of cities in developing local, regional, national and global economies and I couldn’t be more supportive of Belfast and its investment initiative,” said Mr Nesbitt.

“Belfast, of course, is a great city of talent and now is the time to reveal that talent to the rest of the world and display the true greatness of the city.”

As Chancellor of Ulster University, he said he was particularly proud of the new city centre campus and its role as a catalyst for development.

“This is a city with passion, with momentum, it’s a city with an incredible future ahead of it and I am proud to be able to support the great team that you are meeting from Belfast this week.”