O’Neill focused on plight of dairy farmers

Minister Michelle O'Neill
Minister Michelle O'Neill

Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill has told MLAs and farmers that she is doing all within her power to support the dairy sector and to provide practical help.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with the Agriculture abd Rural Development committee called to address unsustainable farm gate prices for milk, Ms O’Neill met dairy producers gathered outside Parliament Buildings and reaffirmed her commitment to finding a way forward out of the current situation.

Speaking during the extraordinary sitting of the committee, she said: “This is a global crisis caused by a range of factors including increased milk production, the Russian ban on imports, reduced demand from important markets such as China and adverse exchange rates.

“It cannot be solved at a local level, but I am doing all I can to raise the issue.

“I have been lobbying Britain and Europe on intervention.

“I have been calling on my other Ministers in the other devolved administrations to work with me to apply pressure for effective EU support.

“I am also planning to attend the special Agriculture Council meeting in September.”