Price of main car parks in Belfast

Car parking
Car parking

Plan ahead for that Christmas shopping spree or that night on the tiles in Belfast by finding out the price of your most convenient car park.

Here are prices for some of the main car parks in Belfast as advertised on their websites.

The NCP car park located on the Dublin Road in Belfast is located in the south side of Belfast city centre.

Nearby points of interest include Dublin Road Movie House Cinema, the BBC, a variety of bars and restaurants and access to many local businesses.

Rates for parking on the day are: 1 hour - £2.50; 1 to 2 hours - £5.50; 2 to 3 hours - £8.50; 3 to 12 hours - £10.50; 12 to 24 hours£13.50.

Q-Park Belfast Victoria Square

Rates for parking according to their website: Up to 1 hour£ 3.00; Up to 2 hours£ 6.00; Up to 3 hours£ 9.00; Up to 4 hours£12.00; Up to 5 hours£15.00; Up to 24 hours£18.00.

Meanwhile the evening rate from 7pm - 8am is £ 4.50.

CastleCourt Car Park

Here, the parking tariff is £1.70 per hour and overnight parking is available for only £5 per night.

(Overnight rate applies from 12 midnight until 7:30am)

NCP Belfast Montgomery street

Located right next to Victoria Square shopping centre, our Belfast Montgomery Street car park is the perfect place to park in Belfast when you're visiting a central venue to attraction.

According to their website charges to pay on the day are: 1 hour£3.50; 1 to 2 hours£7.50; 2 to 3 hours£11.00; 3 to 4 hours£15.00; 4 to 5 hours£18.50; 5 to 24 hours£21.50.

Meanwhile the evening rate (from 5pm to 10pm) is £5.00.

Parking on a Saturday and Sunday is £5.50.