Renewable energy provides 20% of electricity in 2014

Almost a fifth (19.5 per cent) of the entire electricity requirement for Northern Ireland came from renewable sources in 2014, 18.3 per cent of which was from wind energy, representing significant progress towards the Northern Ireland Executive’s target of 40 per cent electricity from renewables by 2020.

In addition, January 2015 saw the highest levels of wind energy ever recorded in Northern Ireland, culminating in 556MW of electricity generated on January 7 (14.45pm). This represented 42 per cent of total electricity needs at that moment, equating to the equivalent of powering 361,400 homes.

These important milestones and the key needs of the renewable energy sector to the economic and environmental future of Northern Ireland will top the agenda at the fifth annual Northern Ireland Renewables Industry Group (NIRIG) conference being held today in Belfast at the Hilton Hotel 9am - 5pm.

Entitled A Sustainable Energy Future, the conference will also mark the launch of NIRIG’s report on The Wind Industry in Northern Ireland, Achievements and Aspirations, the first of its kind for Northern Ireland. The report will outline the progress being made by the local renewables sector and what is necessary in order to continue to deliver sustainable energy and all of its associated benefits.