Simple Power completes wind turbine projects

NI Power MD Stephen McCully with Simple Power CEO Philip Rainey
NI Power MD Stephen McCully with Simple Power CEO Philip Rainey

Local wind energy company, Simple Power has announced the completion of several new wind energy projects across Northern Ireland.

The wind turbines, situated on farms in counties Down, Antrim, Tyrone and Londonderry, are part of the company’s continued build and energisation programme aimed at increasing the province’s stock of renewable energy sources.

“Our energisation programme is helping to meet Northern Ireland’s energy needs, using the natural power of wind to generate renewable energy for the local electricity grid,” said CEO Philip Rainey.

“While the closure of the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation (NIRO) subsidy scheme in June was disappointing, we are working extremely hard to develop those projects that meet the eligibility criteria.

“Despite the many constraints, we remain committed to wind energy which we believe has a vital role to play in our country’s energy mix.”

A locally-founded company, Simple Power’s 250kW wind turbines are distributed in rural locations across Northern Ireland, powering the grid and giving farmers additional income. The company is currently working through its full project portfolio to assess all wind turbine proposals in line with the key criteria for development – planning permission and NIE grid connection.

“We welcome the launch of Simple Power’s new turbines,” said NI Power MD Stephen McCully. “Our relationships with power providers like Simple Power are pivotal in guaranteeing a secure energy future and ensuring renewable energy is firmly part of the energy market.”