Small business with plans...

Small business owner Michele Lowry
Small business owner Michele Lowry

Michele Lowry may be a little more famous around Ballymena just now as the creator of a ‘that bear’ but she is typical of many small businesses looking to raise their profile through today’s event.

Having built her business Penny & Rose from a hobby after her children were born, she has worked hard to establish herself in the market and is keen to grow.

With help from Ballymena Business Centre, one of many agencies designed to give small businesses a boost, she has ambitious plans including setting upo her own online presence.

“At the centre they offered me the opportunity to take part in their craft start up programme designed to support individuals from the arts and craft sector. This has been invaluable in helping me to develop my hobby into a business.

“Working with the centre has opened up my business to so many opportunities.For example, I was recently approached by Ballymena BID (Business Improvements District) who asked me to create a bear for the Ballymena Bear campaign to promote town centre businesses this Christmas.

I’m very proud to be a part of this campaign. It’s essential that businesses support each other as much as possible.