Supermarket backing agri sector

Gavin Emerson
Gavin Emerson

An Armagh supermarket has launched an initiative to assist farmers struggling during the milk price crisis by donating 10p to a charity when customers buy two litres of Dale Farm milk in the store.

Emersons is to raise funds for Rural Support – a charity which offers a support service to farming families.

Dairy farmers across the province have been others throughout the UK in protests over the cost of milk production in comparison to what they are actually being paid.

The challenges being faced by local farmers has led to warnings that some producers could be out of business by the end of the year.

“The current market for liquid milk is impacting negatively on dairy farmers and their families,” said Gavin Emerson.

“No business person wants to get up out of bed knowing they are getting up to lose money.

“Many of these hard working families are customers of ours so we feel a duty to do something which offers practical support to an organisation which helps and support for families needing it.

“There isn’t a charity or fund specifically aimed at helping dairy farmers so we have chosen to donate all monies raised to Rural Support which offers a listening and signposting service.”