Ulster Bank apologises for latest technical problems

Ulster Bank
Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank has confirmed it is dealing with issues around people’s accounts being debited twice earlier this week.

On the official Ulster Bank Help Twitter account they told customers: “We are aware of some issues with duplicated debits, we are working hard to fix this, sorry for any inconvenience.”

A statement was released on Thursday morning explaining customers will not be left “out of pocket” by the issue.

“We are aware of an issue regarding duplicate ATM transactions involving some Ulster Bank customers between 4.15 on Easter Monday and 4.15 Tuesday afternoon.

“We are working to correct this for affected customers and restore money to accounts tonight.

“Customers will not be left out of pocket as a result and can contact us if they require further assistance. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Customers voiced their anger on the social networking site on Thursday morning.

One user said he had been affected by the problem on Easter Monday.

“Debited twice for 1 cash withdrawal on Monday. Happening to plenty of others too! Explanation and resolution? Joke!”

Another woman expressed her concerns.

“@UlsterBank_Help I’ve a direct debit coming out and you took the money that wasn’t yours.. What happens now though?”

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