Welcome to the Great Brexit Shutdown? No, not quite...

Not all business is cowering under the threat of Brexit, but it doesn't mean everything's rosy either
Not all business is cowering under the threat of Brexit, but it doesn't mean everything's rosy either

I’m big enough to admit we did get a bit agitated a few weeks back over Brexit and the splendid outcome former glorious Prime Minister Cameron had achieved in dividing a previously - apparently - united country, or united countries if you want to be pedantic about it.

But, as the clock counts down and we seem set to jump with or without a parachute, it is worth noting this week that not everyone is in depair.

In Tyrone, an area renowned as home to some of the world’s leading quarrying and materials handling firms which have been sending their wares out around the world for a very long time now, there appears to be little concern,

Certainly not at EDGE Innovate in Dungannon (see pic right) where an £8 million investment has already secured 40 new jobs and is set to create 40 more and a new factory as the firm prepares to ramp up its exports drive.

Of course, the industry grew and thrived throughout the Troubles not to mention surviving the global shutdown of a decade ago.

Since then, it has continued to develop and, if this investment is anything to go by, is feeling pretty confident about the future.

A little closer to home, in terms of client reach at least, the Beannchor Group opened the revamped National bar last night representing a significant investment in the city’s nightlife.

Founded by Bill Wolsey and now run by son Conall, the group, alongside others, has poured a huge amount of cash and determination into helping Belfast develop into a modern European city .

And there’s the rub. Beannchor has once again mixed things up a little to try a differentiate The National as you can read in the article on page eight of today’s issue.

The problem, as Mr Wolsey spells out, is that no-one seems prepared to come with them.

Echoing the oft-heard call for a relaxation in the licensing hours, he accuses those in authority of failing to offer any encouragement to businesses trying to grow and create jobs in the sector.

“We don’t sit on a level playing field with the rest of the UK let alone Europe,” he says.

Perhaps we may be able to do something about that soon. Unless they’re planning to start chaining up the swings again as it were...