Workplace stress a real issue for financial services workers

The Financial Services Union (FSU) is investing in the health of thousands of employees in the sector in a bid to promote positive mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Today, on World Mental Health Day, the Financial Services Union launched a two-year partnership with mental health charity, AWARE.

The partnership with the charity, will help the Union expand its support services to all members of the union.

Depression rates in Northern Ireland are the highest in the UK with the overall prevalence of mental illness an estimated 25% higher than in England. Mental illness is costing the Northern Ireland economy almost £31 million each year and the long-term risk to business is huge.

General Secretary, Larry Broderick, said there is no better time to invest in workplace health.

“Stress in the workplace continues to be a major feature across the financial services sector,” he said.

“Research has found that respondents from the industry were in the bottom 20% for workplace wellbeing compared to other businesses in Ireland and the UK.

“As a union we have a responsibility to act on behalf of our members. With the new AWARE partnership we are making an immediate and significant investment in the mental health of thousands of financial service workers.

AWARE CEO Siobhan Doherty said: “We hope that through the delivery of programmes such as ‘AWARE Mood Matters in the Workplace’ and Mental Health First Aid, that we can help create a healthy working environment for all FSU members.