Call for BBC and iTunes to shun song for PSNI murder duo

Steve Carroll's widow Kate
Steve Carroll's widow Kate

An appeal has been made to the BBC and to the Apple Corporation not to carry a song dedicated to the killers of a PSNI constable.

The Mayor of Craigavon has made an appeal to both organisations over the song ‘Justice For the Craigavon Two’, which is due to be released on March 15.

As reported during the week, the track is a reference to Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton, who were convicted of the murder of Stephen Carroll in Craigavon in 2009.

The borough’s mayor, UUP councillor Colin McCusker, is awaiting responses from both bodies after getting in touch to alert them to his concerns over the song.

He called on Apple – which runs the electronic music service iTunes – to ensure it is “not used by anyone to promote terrorism or convicted terrorists”.

It concludes: “Please do everything in your power to stop this single being broadcast or purchased from your website.”

He also telephoned the BBC with a similar message.

He told the News Letter on Friday: “Coming from my perspective, this was a crime committed in Craigavon, both men have been found guilty, both lost their appeals. They need to accept the rule of law in the country, and not continue to bring more hurt and distress on Kate Carroll and her family.”

The song would be released within about a week of the sixth anniversary of the shooting.

Mrs Carroll, the dead constable’s widow, had previously told the News Letter she was shocked to hear about the planned single, by Co Louth man Pol MacAdaim.

On Friday, she said she had received many messages of support in the wake of the news.

“[It is] just people in general saying: ‘We wish you all the best’ It’s come at a horrible time for me.”

She added that she had come this far, alone, after the death of her husband of 24 years.

“Hopefully we’ll get through the rest,” she added.