Campbell College headmaster reassures parents on school standards

Campbell College
Campbell College

The headmaster of an east Belfast grammar school has written to parents of pupils to reassure them after a “factually inaccurate” news report.

Robert Robinson, principal of Campbell College, explained that an Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) report had not stated that the school needed external support.

The Belfast Telegraph ran the claim on its front page on Thursday.

On Friday it said on page 5: “In an article about an Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) report which was critical of Campbell College in Belfast, we stated, incorrectly, that inspectors recommended that the school seek external support to raise standards.

“In fact, the ETI report made no such recommendation. We apologise for error, which has since been corrected online.”

Mr Robinson said told the News Letter that he had received many messages in support of the school from parents and pupils after Thursday’s story.

In his letter to parents, Mr Robinson told them: “I wanted to write to notify you that the Belfast Telegraph article which appeared today (24th March) is factually incorrect.

“The ETI Report did not state that the School needed ‘external’ or outside support; the ETI report records that the School has ‘A high level of capacity for sustained improvement in the interest of all learners’.

“Consequently, it was recognised that we did not need external support and the positive changes made over the last three years were to continue.”

Mr Robinson added: “As we have stated previously we welcomed the inspection, its rigour and its outputs. The new inspection structure left no stone unturned and as such provided a thorough overview of what we do well and what we could do better.

“The areas highlighted as ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Exemplary’ were ones of which we are very proud – namely our boys, our pastoral care, our governance, the overall atmosphere in school and our sense of togetherness.”