Campbell pokes fun at Nesbitt over ‘we are doomed’ in election broadcast

Screengrab taken from the UUP's election video on Facebook
Screengrab taken from the UUP's election video on Facebook

The DUP’s Gregory Campbell has compared Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt to bumbling Dad’s Army character private Fraser over a recent party political broadcast in which Mr Nesbitt used the phrase ‘we are doomed’.

The UUP’s video, which has been viewed over 23,000 times on Facebook, features a bleary eyed man who has just woken up from a deep sleep.

When the man stumbles into a UUP office, it turns out he has been asleep since David Trimble was First Minister. The confused pyjama wearing man soon gets a crash course in Northern Ireland politics over coffee with a woman in a business suit.

The woman explains to the confused man how the UUP were ousted for sharing power with the SDLP only to be replaced with the ‘chuckle brothers’ of Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness. She later explains Peter Robinson’s departure from politics with the words “it’s complicated”.

The conversation is later interupted by UUP leader Mike Nesbitt, who says: “It’s the same in any walk of life, politics, business, families. You’ll get on better when you get along with people and yes, of course, in politics in can be a bit of a stretch. If we don’t do it, we are doomed to more of the same old, same old.”

Mr Nesbitt’s use of the phrase ‘we are doomed’ prompted ridicule from the DUP MP Gregory Campbell, who compared Mr Nesbitt to the eternal pessimist private Fraser from classic sitcom Dad’s Army.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Campbell said: “Just caught up with the UUP party broadcast. About the only thing in it of any worth was Mike Nesbitt telling us all ‘We are doomed’.”

“Did he really say that,” Mr Campbell asked, before adding: “Mike ‘Private Fraser’ Nesbitt, doomed ah tell ye, doomed.”