Candidate 'distressed' after baby denied entry at election count centre

Alliance candidate Fay Watson
Alliance candidate Fay Watson

Mid Ulster Alliance candidate Fay Watson has said she was left "upset and distressed" after her six-month-old baby was denied entry to the count centre.

Ms Watson, who is breastfeeding, arrived at the count centre at Ballymena Leisure Centre with her son Charlie but was told she could not bring him in as it was against the rules.

Children under 12 are not allowed into the count, she said.

However, Ms Watson said that as she is a breastfeeding mother she thought an exception could have been made.

Ms Watson said she stood outside with her child for half an hour until she was eventually allowed to bring him in.

"I was outside the building for about half an hour until I was eventually allowed in," she said.

"I'm very grateful that they sorted it out for me but it was very distressing.

"I knew that children under 12 weren't allowed to gain entry, but in the case of a breastfeeding woman I thought I would be able to take him in because there's no other way to feed him."

"Obviously I can't leave him up in the cafe with a stranger. It was very upsetting to me," she added.