Cheryl set for cameo in comedy flick

Cheryl Cole'Ian West/PA Photos
Cheryl Cole'Ian West/PA Photos

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:: CHERYL COLE is rumoured to be set for a role in the third Hangover movie.

The Under The Sun singer - who played a talent show judge in this year’s What To Expect When You’re Expecting - is in talks about making a cameo appearance in the upcoming comedy sequel, according to reports.

Cheryl was linked to The Hangover III by its star ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, who apparently told America’s FHM magazine: “I have heard the rumours about her (Cheryl) making a cameo and there seems to be something to them. But I don’t know if anything is signed yet.”

:: DANIEL CRAIG says he’s got to stay away from bars now he’s James Bond.

The star, who reprises his 007 role in new film Skyfall, said he was no longer able to lead a normal life.

He told Vanity Fair: “You talk to people in the movie business who have been doing this 40 years and they all say the difference is that, back in the day, you could go and have a drink in the bar, get drunk, fall over, have a good time, relax, whatever, and no one would know about it.

“But now everyone’s got a camera. Not that all I want to do is get drunk in a bar, but that’s an example. So you can’t live a normal life anymore.”

:: SIMON COWELL has reportedly picked KHLOE KARDASHIAN to host US X Factor.

The reality TV star will present the show alongside former Saved By The Bell actor MARIO LOPEZ, according to

The news isn’t official, but several websites are reporting that an announcement will be made this week, and that the pair will be seen on the show from November.

The second series sees Simon judging singers alongside LA REID, DEMI LOVATO and BRITNEY SPEARS.

Last season the programme was hosted by STEVE JONES but he lost his spot in the cull which also saw NICOLE SCHERZINGER and PAULA ABDUL leave the judging panel.

:: NATALIE PORTMAN is tipped to play a single mum living a life of crime in a new movie.

The Oscar-winning actress - mum to 16-month-old son Aleph - is considering the role in Code Name Sasha, according to The Wrap.

Natalie would play a girl who is asked to go undercover to bring down a gun-running organisation in return for having her record wiped clean.

The 31-year-old is also considering a role in Last Witness, a film about a psychologist working with the survivor of a bombing.

Earlier this week it was reported that Natalie is being “courted” to play Jackie Kennedy in a biopic.

:: Mum-to-be SHAKIRA has revealed she’s having a baby boy.

The Columbian singer, 35, announced she was pregnant last month.

Now she’s told Germany’s RTL of the first child she’s expecting with her 25-year-old Spanish footballer beau, Gerard Pique: “It’s going to be a boy.”

“This guy is the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. And now we’re having a baby,” she said, according to E! Online.

Shakira said her baby will become a globe-trotter, like his mum.

“When the baby is born, I’ll take him with me on charity trips. He shall learn that he is able to change the world.”

:: ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY has revealed she is famed for her roast dinners among her ex-pat friends in Hollywood.

The model and actress - who lives in LA with actor JASON STATHAM - told Stylist magazine how she specialises in cooking wholesome British food for her pals.

Rosie said: “All my friends in LA are English. It’s impossible to find a good roast out there so I’m getting famous for ‘Rosie’s roast dinner’.

“I did a really good Beef Wellington the other day and I do a great chicken pot pie; good hearty country food.

“You’re never going to come to my house and leave hungry.”