Chief medical officer calls for 'consideration' of rooms where drug users can inject

Chief medical officer Michael McBride
Chief medical officer Michael McBride
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The provision of special rooms where people can safely inject themselves with illegal drugs is something which should be considered in Northern Ireland, the Province’s chief medical officer has said.

Speaking to the BBC, Dr Michael McBride said there has been an increase in the use of heroin and there is now a “significant problem” with drug users injecting in public places,

He said consideration should be given to providing so-called “consumption rooms”, but said such a decision would have to be taken by a Stormont minister.

“My own view on this is that we need to look at all options that can reduce the harm associated with intravenous drug misuse,” he told the BBC.

“Ultimately, decisions of that nature will be a matter for a minister in an executive in due course.”